Leveling the Playing Field For Small Businesses

We are the USA’s premier source for hemp white label extract product solutions. We are an innovative leader for quality extraction and CBD white label sourcing, expert brand building and Micro White Label program for retailers and wholesalers of fine hemp throughout the world.

White Label Hemp Products

From concept to manufacturing, we give you all the go-to-market tools to cut the line and launch your hemp product or brand, fast and efficiently. We give small businesses a chance to launch and distribute their brand through our network. Join our CBD White Label, hemp white label or Micro white label programs today!

Largest Sourcing Network

We give you access to the world's leading suppliers of the raw hemp flower and finished hemp products. Our Hemp white label and CBD white label program can be a micro white label program for you. We allow your brand to piggy back on our large runs so you get high quality at a great price... just without the labels.

From Seed To Source

The Lifestyles CBD Micro White Label Program

We Can Distribute Your Brand and Help You Sell

We are Micro White Labelers, Distributors and Retailers.


We have several resources that we can put to work for you not only to help create your brand, but to launch it, publicize it and sell it nationwide. From our own distribution network of stores to our powerful e-commerce resources.T o learn more about our CBD White Label, hemp white label or Micro white label programs, just give us a call!

We don't just help you build a brand, we help you sell!


Most white label companies give you a product and send you out the door. We have all the tools and contacts that you will need at each stage of your small business journey. Start small with a tiny unlabeled order and grow from there. To see how you can start small with our CBD White Label, hemp white label or Micro white label programs, just give us a call!

Start Your Product With The World's Best Hemp!

Hemp Plant Sourcing

You can't claim to control the hemp white label process without first controlling how the hemp is grown. We own the process from soil to final product. Our CBD white label and Micro white label program is second to none.

Hemp Processing

We CBD white label and hemp white label products the right way. What does that mean? Non GMO, Organic Fertilizers, No Chemical Pesticides. GMP Certified. UL Certified. We are your Micro White Label partner.

The Cannabis Industry

The industry is booming but there is no need to rush in spending money needlessly. We can help you launch smarter and be ready to scale. Our Hemp White Label and CBD White Label can be a Micro White Label for your brand.

Processes Made Perfect

Hemp Product Creation

CBD white label

From growing and sourcing our own organic hemp flower to creating cutting-edge hemp formulations, we are the leader when it comes to hemp white label programs, CBD white label and Micro White label for the cannabis and CBD industries.

QA & QC & Lab Testing

Lab Tested White Label CBD

 Every batch of our CBD white label or Hemp White Label products are tested by a independent third party and certified for ingredients, quality and potency. This guarantees that everything that we put in the bottle, is stated clearly and honestly on the label. 

Certified Organic Hemp

Micro Private Label CBD Companies

Our hemp products are 100% free from harsh chemicals, additives and fillers. All our products are Non GMO, and sourced from organic hemp grown on sustainable farms throughout the world and made in the USA. Join our CBD White Label, hemp white label or Micro white label programs today!

Labeling & Packaging

CBD micro white label

We offer a seamless turnkey process. We can be involved in as much or as little of the process as needed. We can take you from sourcing all the way to branding, marketing and sales.#hemp white label #cbd white label #cannabis

Marketing Services

CBD private label

We provide the marketing tools to build your hemp or CBD business from the ground-up. From your go-to-market strategy, labels, influencers, affiliate networks, SEO and just about everything in between. To learn more about our CBD White Label, hemp white label or Micro white label programs, just give us a call!

Trade Shows & Events

CBD Private label events

Our Micro White Label Program can help you to get your presence known in the industry with full trade show support from CBD white label products to booth and displays. Or join us at the shows as we show off and sell your products in all our marketplaces. Hemp White Label is here.

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