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Hemp Extract Private Label FAQ

Are all products eligible for Branded Hemp’s Custom Hemp Extract & CBD White Label services?

All our products are available for white labeling services and all our branded products are available for resellers. There are even many full spectrum hemp products not on the site that we can white label for you. Just ask.

What is the minimum order I can place for a Hemp White Labeled Product?

We have no minimums and will work with you to make bring your idea to life as efficiently and affordably as possible. Need that one off line for that big pitch? We can work with you.

How do I become a wholesale partner of Branded Hemp?

Become a wholesale partner of Branded Hemp and benefit from our huge network of connections. Best of all, our wholesale partners receive 50% off our Branded Hemp and affiliate branded products.

How do I pay for my Hemp White Labeled Product order?

We require the full payment before we can process your order for any full spectrum hemp extract line, are or small run. All hemp extract white label orders must be paid via wire transfer, ACH or cashiers check. CC orders can be taken with registered customers.

What do you mean by hemp extract white labeling turnkey services?

Our white labeling program puts you in control and gives you access to our full range of services according to your budget and the plan for you new hemp extract white label business.

Do you do custom Hemp Extract product formulations?

We can create a custom formulation just for you. We have access to the latest in Nano Technology and can help you create, design, formulate and innovate.

Can I change the the designs of the labels to suit my brands?

Yes! Our hemp extract white labeling program puts you in control and allows you to be as creative as you want. It is the back of the label where we can help you with requirements, legal and nutrition information.

Can I have bottles, bags, tubs and packaging in different colors and styles?

Yes. Choose from a large selection of bottles sizes, colors, materials and styles. Plus, we can even work with our partners to help you create something truly unique in the industry.

How do I get barcodes for my new full spectrum hemp white labeled product?

Your barcodes can be obtained through outside services or can be supplied by us using our vendors as part of your turnkey services. You suggest you have bar codes included on your labels. Unless you tell us you are applying for your own barcodes, we will provide your labels without barcodes.

How do I get QR codes for my new full spectrum hemp white labeled product?

We can supply you with QR codes upon request and place them on your labels.

What color labels are used for Branded Hemp white label orders?

We can provide you with a full spectrum of label colors, just like a full spectrum of hemp oil infused white labeled products. Custom label orders add 3-5 business days to the turn-around time.

What does it mean to have a hemp extract product third party independent laboratory tested?

Independent third party lab certification means that an credentialed testing organization separate from the manufacturing company has reviewed the manufacturing process of a full spectrum hemp extract product and has determined that the final product complies with specific standards for safety, quality or performance including GMPs, Label Assay, contaminants, organic certification and potencies.

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